Company Profile

Strathbrook Regional Services was founded in 2006 by Richard Butterworth and Michael Noller, purely to provide quality refrigeration and air conditioning services to the central western and far west of New South Wales.

Since then, Richard has grown the business to what is today, a successful, reliable and highly respected team of professionals providing their services to most towns and cities from Katoomba in the East to Bourke in the West, and from Lightning Ridge in the North down to Young in the South.


Our team has a base in Bathurst and our office and workshop in Dubbo. The team is guided by Richard Butterworth, who has over 20 years experience in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry.

Although we are a small refrigeration and air conditioning company we take pride in providing excellent service to our many clients by offering highly qualified technicians to install and maintain their refrigeration and air conditioning units.


Recent Projects

Strathbrook Regional Services have recently been involved in the installations of coolrooms and air conditioning systems at;

  • Bracken House - Dubbo Aged Care facility - Dakin V.R.V Mechanical ventilation
  • Little Big Dairy - Dubbo Refrigeration
  • Barlu Kurli Pre School - Wilcannia - Dakin V.R.V Mechanical ventilation
  • Royal Flying Doctors - Dubbo Airport - Dakin V.R.V Mechanical ventilation
  • Bathurst Private Hospital - Bathurst

These are only a few of the many projects we have completed around the central west of New South Wales.



Our Team


Richard Butterworth Managing Director 24 Years Experience
Bill Hicks Service Manager  17 Years Experiece
Michael Girotto Office & Accounts Manager   
Lisa Butterworth Administration & Accounts Receivable  
Anne Rodgers Administration & Accounts Payable  
Adam Little Supervisor / Electrician 13 Years Experience
Sam Mumford Tradesman - Service Technician 13 Years Experience
Jared Whittle Tradesman - Service Technician 10 Years Experience
Shaun Noyen Tradesman - Service Technician 9 Years Experience
Teejay Clark-Goodison Tradesman - Service Technician 6 Years Experience
Aaron McMillan Tradesman - Service Technnican 13 Years Experience
Brady Hart  Service Technician 2 Years Experience
Scott Tucker Electrician - Service Technician 6 Years Experience
Brad Collins Electrical Apprentice - Service Technician 3rd Year
Jared Whittle Electrical - Service Technician 10 Years



Strathbrook Regional Services is closly affiliated with the Strathbrook group 

The group consists of:


Strathbrook Industrial Services P/L

Refrigeration contracting and service for industrial and commercial refrigeration systems. Design and construct service for specialized applications. With expertise in natural refrigerant systems such as Carbon dioxide (sub critical and super critical applications) for cold storage and freezing systems. Ammonia systems for blast freezers, water chillers, carbon dioxide condensing packages, and general refrigeration applications.


Strathbrook Electrical Services P/L

Electrical panel fabrication, design and construction of electrical systems for refrigeration, heating and cooling systems plus service to support the refrigeration works carried out by the Strathbrook Group.


B&C Refrigeration P/L

Manufacture and service of Aerowhip soft serve Ice cream machines.


Strathbrook Refrigeration Equipment

Manufacture of refrigeration packages for commercial and light industrial systems including micro charge ammonia chillers, Carbon dioxide refrigeration packages for sub critical and Trans critical applications. HFC Refrigerant packaged equipment for commercial cooling and cold storage applications. Ammonia and Carbon dioxide and general training equipment for the Australian TAFE colleges.




The Strathbrook Group of companies is currently engaged in installing new, and refurbishing existing Franklins and IGA, Coles and Woolworths supermarkets.

Service and Maintenance is carried out at a range of industrial and commercial sites including, Streets ice cream(Unilever), Coates Inks, Flint Inks, Fresh start Bakeries, Berri Juices, Buttercup Buns, Mauri foods, CCL (controlled climate logistics), De Costi sea foods, F Mayer Imports, Sydney West Area Health Services, Franklins Supermarkets, Nepean rubber and plastic, QANTAS Q catering, Club Marconi and many more.



Types of work carried out previously

General Refrigeration and air conditioning system service, design and construction including chilled water systems, glycol systems, brine systems, pumped carbon dioxide systems, direct expansion Carbon dioxide systems, small charge ammonia chillers, and ammonia /Carbon dioxide high stage systems, vacuum cooling systems, blood and chemical cryogenics systems, ammonia systems, Ice cream production hall A/C systems, marine systems, blast freezing systems, chocolate storage ware houses, boning rooms, micro charged critical charge ammonia systems, Ice rinks, pub & club refrigeration and beer systems, ice bank systems, Chester Jensen bakery chilled water system etc.




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